I read the other day that if you watch television for an average of six hours a day you’re likely to live 5 years less than someone who watches no TV at all. They said that this was pretty much on a par with the difference between smoking and not smoking.

Now I guess the same would apply to excessive drinking, or eating too much of the wrong kinds of food. So the logical extension is that watching TV is as dangerous as smoking, drinking and eating processed rubbish. …. I DON’T THINK SO….

The problems with drinking, smoking and eating badly are quite simple to explain – they all poison our bodies with unnatural chemicals and toxins. And there are quite a lot of them that our bodies just can’t get rid of. This mostly applies to cigarettes, which have so many pollutants that just stack up and stack up, blocking the tubes and ganging up in clusters to leap out on us in x-rays as cancers. If you drink a lot, consistently, the same sort of thing happens and eventually the liver gives up on the battle to get rid of the poisons and stops working. A nasty way to die – much worse than death by Big Brother…

But your body is an amazing piece of kit, and will get rid of most of the problems associated with food and drink by the normal methods, mostly through the front and back doors, provided you live by the 80/20 rule.

So the truth is – it’s not the TV that will kill you, it’s the lack of activity from sitting still for long periods of time. – although if I watched too much TV I’d probably die of boredom or irritation at how pathetic most of the programs are.

Does the same apply to watching videos on Youtube? I guess so, so try doing what I do – get on the rebounder or the exercise bike while you’re watching. (sign off while bouncing on the rebounder)

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