Everything you own, everything you see, and everything in your body has a vibrational frequency. This frequency determines how are body responds to different situations, and how we fight illness!

Some people allow themselves to have a very low vibrational frequency, like a faulty electric toothbrush, whilst others like to rock around with more vigour than Mr Rock N Roll – Mick Jagger himself.

Come to think of it, Mick Jagger is not a bad example at all, of a man with a high vibrational frequency. I’m not just referring to his ecstatic dance moves (although these will undoubtedly be as a result of his high vibrational frequency), but to the way Jagger acts and feels.

For a man flirting with 70, his vigour is undeniably electric. This is largely due to his high vibrational frequency. This means that he is a positive person, always on the go, and very active. He lives for excitement, and is always looking to challenge himself. This is key to having a high vibrational frequency.

For those of us with a high vibrational frequency, it is likely that we face challenges with excitement. It is also likely that when we face adverse moments, be it psychologically or an illness, we tell ourselves that we will not be beaten, and we have positive thoughts about how we will fight back. Having such positive thoughts energizes us, and increases our vibrational frequency. This vibrational frequency in turn, helps us to fight off whatever illness or bad thoughts we are facing, thus healing us quicker.

For those of us with a low vibrational frequency, it is likely that we submit to challenges and illnesses, and withdraw from situations. By doing this, instead of becoming the Duracell bunny and battling through, we become a Tesco Value battery and fall flat. This is when illnesses can really take a grasp of us, and cling on to our weaknesses.

It is important to realise however, that your vibrational frequency is a CHOICE you make! So why let yourself be Tesco Value, when you could be Duracell! It is all in your mindset. If you keep positive, and stop allowing yourself to get downbeat, then you will create high vibrational frequency, meaning your cells will be ready to defend you, and able to help fight off any potential attacks from illnesses.

As I mentioned previously… Just look at how Jagger was rocking around Glasto. Unbelievable. Whilst some of the substances he has ingested may be dubious, his vibrational frequency is undeniably high, leaving him energetic, and able to fight any diseases that come his way.

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