So there I am sat on the loo when a Skype call comes through. Fortunately, I can multi-task, so I have my phone with me, making a few notes about the benefits of a high fibre diet for a future newsletter.

It turns out that I’d rearranged the first coaching session with a brand new client and forgotten to change it in my diary. For obvious reasons, I didn’t let on where I was conducting this vital dialogue from, but I started feeling bad about the deception.

That is – until I discovered that my client was having trouble moving on from a BIG mistake she had made in her personal life. This put my little dilemma firmly into perspective.

But afterwards, I got to thinking about the mechanics behind guilt. How often do you hear a friend worrying about a mistake they’ve made? Then a few days later they’re still worrying at it like a dog trying to get the marrow out of a bone.

What are they fretting over? Is it what their friends and family will think of them? Is it that they’re not living up to their own high ideals – they feel deep down that everything they do should be perfect? Maybe that feeling has its roots in their life experience, parents, society or from a religious or spiritual belief…

What do you think their God, or the Universe, would think about their error?

I obviously can’t talk for anyone’s God, but I guess we understand the Universe little enough for us to have a stab.

Here’s my guess: “What a waste of a lifetime! I’ve given you the mechanics and physics to create life in one of the most beautiful places in this virtually infinite space. You are the most advanced form of life I’ve ever created anywhere – to the extent that you can have thoughts and dreams – you can communicate ideas – you have a conscience and you can decide what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. You’re only here in this combined body, mind and spirit for a really short time, so stop wasting this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity and get on with enjoying every second”.

I’m hoping that any God you believe in will have forgiveness and a desire for your happiness in his/her armory. Why wouldn’t they? They created you and everything else after all…

If the mistake you’ve made has affected you alone, whatever you’ve done, there’s nothing that worrying will do to put it right. The answer is easy – forgive yourself and others then move on. You are not a bad person just because you got something wrong. If you’ve hurt someone else by your actions, words or thoughts, the best you can hope for is forgiveness from them – and to make damn sure you never make the same mistake again.

Easier said than done, maybe? But here’s a tip – whenever you’re beating yourself up about anything you’ve done, engage with the universe around you and ask for its forgiveness, understanding and blessing to move forward in your life as a better person. And remember – Every master was once a disaster

Onwards and upwards my friend, yee haaa!!

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