Supplements these days are everywhere, and I have to admit, with the unbelievable deficiency in our soils these days, supplements are now absolutely necessary to provide our bodies with all the nutrients and minerals we need. However what most of us probably don’t know, is that paying for most high street supplements, is like paying for expensive pee.

Seriously guys, if you are wasting your money on a majority of high street supplement brands, you are simply enhancing the value of your own waste! This is quite probably the biggest marketing manoeuvre since bottled water! I can’t even begin to tell you how angry this makes me! I just want to scream from a rooftop at the top of my voice, that most people are now paying for really expensive pee! It is so unnecessary!

Anyway, let me tell you why they are such a waste of time. I should also let you know that I have a PDF with all this information and research, so get in touch with me if you would like any further information! There are several reasons as to why high street supplements are a waste of time. Lets run through them:

  1. They are heat pressed. This means that when the synthetic ingredients are fused together, it is done so at a high temperature, in order to mass-produce at a quick rate. This is NOT BENEFICIAL. We all know that when we cook vegetables, the enzymes lose their shape, which destroys their goodness. The same happens in heat pressed supplements. High temperatures destroy all the goodness.
  2. High street supplements contain synthetic ingredients. This means that the body cannot use the nutrient/vitamin as it is intended. Our bodies are made to deal with nature, therefore anything man made is alien to us, and the body cannot use it effectively, and instead, turns it into… You guessed it… expensive pee.

These are two key reasons why most supplements are a waste of money. However there are alternatives. The advice I would offer you, is to check the ingredients of your supplements. If there are more than 3 or 4 words you don’t understand, the chances are they are chemicals which are no good to you, and the supplements are a waste of time!

I would also suggest checking if the supplements are hot or cold pressed, as hot pressed supplements destroy the goodness of their own product! Insanity!

At Skips Naked Health we do offer a range of supplements, which are both cold pressed, and completely natural food stuff supplements. This means that all the minerals, nutrients and vitamins are in a natural form, that your body can use immediately! In other words, they are not expensive pee!

What I really hope you can take from this blog is, high street supplements tend to be a bit of a rip off!

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