The Only Thing Wrong with Coca Cola is the Calories???????

Have you noticed how many more TV adds recently are encouraging us to eat healthily and get more active to combat rising levels of obesity? Most commercial breaks on the TV now will contain at least one message warning us of the perils of bad lifestyle choices. And I’m all in favour of it. We all need  motivating to get out and exercise more, or to choose the healthy options off the menu. OK, there are many more aspects to maintaining your health long-term than just those two, but they’re a good enough start.

But what’s driving me nuts is the cynical counter-attack being mounted by the multi-nationals who are already poisoning us with their fats, proceed foods, refined sugars, preservatives and other “badditives”.

Look at Coca Cola’s latest advert. They pretend that the number of calories in a can is the only problem with drinking their products! How evil is that?  We all know we can work off a number of calories with an active lifestyle, but it’s the accumulation of toxins building up in our arteries, livers, colons and the rest of our organs and tissues due to the harmful chemicals in these products that are the real danger. And many of them are next to impossible to remove without a total change of lifestyle.

It’s the same story with energy drinks, many fast foods, cleaning products and cosmetics, even synthetic supplements – the list is endless. Advertising filled with half-truths and distortions of “scientific” research are constantly trying to counter the good work being done by government and other agencies in educating us and our children in how to avoid obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc. It’s bad enough that businesses that damage our lives are the major sponsors of so many great sporting events such as the Olympics.

What chance have our kids got when their favourite treats are claiming the moral high ground? For years they’ve been using their mountainous advertising budgets and habit-forming chemicals to get us hooked on their products. Now, they add insult to injury by claiming to be green, healthy and good for you.

For me, I want to have even more than avoiding disease and being fit. That’s great, but it doesn’t satisfy my needs. I want a life that’s full of vitality and energy. And I don’t see why everyone else should not have the same thing too. I want to see a world where EVERYONE lives to a healthy, vibrant, old age.

Being lied to and cheated by these mega-giants of the commercial world is no way for our children to grow up. We must ALL do what we can to expose these lies so they don’t continue to get away with it.

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  1. Jayne Tarasun
    July 31, 2014 at 9:21 am (3 years ago)

    There is a massive move to uncover the complex smoke and mirrors lies and deception woven by the few real rulers of the world. It is unravelling in so many different areas, right across the world, so the more we can do as individuals coming together to fight against this and bring in new paradigms of operating, the better.
    If you can see it and it angers you, DO something about it.
    Well done Skip for speaking out and voicing your anger.
    Jayne, Cornwall, UK


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