Seems like just about every time I’m in the gym nowadays I get a crowd of people coming up to me asking different questions. It can’t be because I look like Mr Universe. I like to keep my body in condition, toned and sometimes honed, but I’ve never gone in for body-building. Is it because I’m so good looking? Hardly – most of them are guys – hmmm….

Anyway, guys, girls – it makes no difference – most of the time it’s the colour of my drink that draws their attention. It’s usually a gungy green or brown colour depending on what I’m working that session. I like to think it’s important to give my body the best nutrients for the type of workout I’m doing.

And I also like to know what’s going into my body at all times, so I always make my own drinks up from raw, natural ingredients (and some of the mixes come up looking pretty weird, but always tasty). And if I use any supplements in there for a particular boost of protein or some specific vitamin, mineral or other nutrient, it has to be from a source I trust.

So it’s not the bottle of energy drink out of the vending machine for me – I’ve read the labels for the contents on most of them and they pretty much all contain way too much caffeine, sugar or sugar substitutes, colourants, preservatives and other man-made junk and poisons for my liking – or for the liking of my gut, tissues and cells for that matter.

I do watch the TV adverts too – giving the data about which drink hydrates better than water and which one makes your muscles recover fastest or reduces the amount of lactic acid build-up best. I’ve researched most of the claims I’ve seen and to be honest, most of them are based on “research” the manufacturer has paid for. What a surprise that the product in the advert always turns out to be the best, the safest, acts fastest and lasts longest! But how many reviews have you read in fitness magazines, colour supplements or general lifestyle magazines giving league tables that blow these claims right out of the water? Journalists can occasionally write something useful and truthful!

I’d sooner go back to nature than sideways or forwards into pharmaceuticals for my information. Before scientific advances allowed us to make up our own chemicals (thousands of years ago), people walked or ran everywhere, either  chasing food, collecting food, or avoiding becoming food. All they had were the natural, growing pharmacy that was always all around them, and still is – growing on trees and bushes or in the ground or walking, crawling, swimming or flying around them.

OK, so it’s not always easy to get hold of those natural ingredients when we want them, but any time we can’t get enough of the natural minerals, vitamins, essential fats and oils that our bodies need, we can always make up the shortfall with natural supplements.

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