What is it?

Osteoarthritis is caused by damage to cartilage within the joints. It can cause the development of bony outgrowths around joints. This can result in two bone surfaces coming into contact causing severe pain. It is most common in weight-bearing joints including ankles, knees, elbows and wrists.

In conventional medicine, the usual approach is to use anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief, but extended use of pharmaceuticals has been associated with an increase in osteoarthritis, not a reduction. The next resort is to surgery.

Foods high in sodium are known to cause a loss of calcium from the bones, contributing to the development of osteoarthritis. Obesity also increases the risk and progression of the condition.

How do you treat it?

A correct balance between acid- and alkali-forming foods is essential to resisting the condition. Bone growth and repair is, like all cells and tissues in the body, dependant upon the consumption of physical nutrients and the elimination of toxins. The proteins and minerals that make up our bones are constantly being deposited and removed through the body’s natural recycling process, so diet, sunlight, sufficient oxygen, clean water and all the other essential nutrients from nature will help support the deposition of new bone in balance with the removal of old bone.

Maintaining bone density and strength with appropriate exercise may also be key. Check out all the exercise resources on the site (including free stuff) plus the formula of SSMDS supplements below, specifically designed to assist with the relief of this condition as part of Skip’s 10 Commandments 4 Health.

Before you start 

The gut’s ability to absorb nutrients from the Superfood Matrix Delivery System is significantly improved by first cleansing it of harmful toxins, and replenishing the intestinal tract with healthy flora.

This is especially important in the hustle and bustle of modern life where we are increasingly exposed to harmful toxins from so many sources. We strongly recommend you have a full cleanse before starting any diet or nutritional program and make sure you have two cleanses a year.

Our Detox Formula consists of 4 products that will completely cleanse your body of harmful toxins and top up your healthy flora, noticeably enhancing your health and wellbeing. Or if you’re super committed to really kick starting your journey to a world of greater health and wish to give yourself the full works then The Ultimate Cleansing 10 Day Detox is the program for you.


Recommended Products

Bone and Joint Support  contains minerals specifically formulated to provide nutrients for the growth of bones. These nutrients have a beneficial effect on bone density and also help to reduce bone mineral loss. The complex also contributes to the normal structure of bones and helps support muscle function.

Sunshine in a Bottle – Vitamin D  stimulates the formation and growth of bone. It has also been known to slow the process of osteoarthritis. People who absorb the most Vitamin D have the lowest incidence of osteoarthritis.  It is a potent antioxidant that helps to delay the ageing process, boosts the immune system and assists the growth of bone mass.

Protein Digester – Bromelain acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce the painful effects of osteoarthritis,. Bromelain is a Protein-digesting enzyme which helps to reduce inflammation.

Glucosamine (HCL) helps to reduce the inflammation that occurs with osteoarthritis. It can increase the rate of growth of new cartilage. Glucosamine helps maintain healthy joints, bones, ligaments and tendons and is essential for the structure of cartilage and other connective tissue.

Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant with Co-enzyme Q10 reduces the inflammation associated with arthritis. Co-enzyme Q10 helps to reduce damage to the  muscles and cells caused by harmful free radicals. SSMDS supplements proven to be more effective than most other brands.

Magic Magnesium  is essential for healthy bones. Over 60% of the magnesium in the body is stored in the skeleton. It reduces the Inflammation that comes with osteoarthritis by enabling the production of Superoxide Dismutase. SOD reduces the damage caused by free radicals. Magnesium is also necessary for normal nerve and muscle function and for the normal structure of bone.

Super Calcium  is essential for the formation and growth of bones and bone mass. It is stored in the bones and is also necessary to enable muscle growth and correct muscle function.Using only the very best natural ingredients.

Feel Great Multi-Vitamin & Mineral is a broad complex of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutritional ingredients formulated to help support the body under stress when experiencing a busy or hectic lifestyle. This SSMDS formula is designed to beneficially affect bone density.

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid enables the normal metabolism of fat, and reduces the joint pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.  An SSMDS supplement proven superior to 98% of other brands


Dietary Recommendations

Positive Foods

Cereal grains: Rye, whole brown Rice, wild rice, oats, buckwheat

Dairy: live organic yoghurt

Fish: tuna, prawns, haddock, and oysters

Fruits: Apples, raisins, prunes, pomegranate, bilberry, cherries, ripe bananas, ripe pineapple (includingthe stem) dates, pears, peaches

Fungi:  Karawatake & reishi mushrooms

Legumes: Split peas, miso, green pea, alfalfa, lentils, soya bean products (tofu),

Nuts & Seeds: Almonds (no more than 10 per daily),Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pecans, pine, hazelnuts, walnuts, coconut

Teas, Herbs & Spices: Aevils claw, rosemary, boswellia, ginger tea, green tea, turmeric and cumin seed tea, arnica – gel applied topically
Vegetables: Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, spinach, green beans, fennel, cucumber, turnip carrots, parsnip, garlic, cabbage,  leaks,celery, water cress, green-leaf vegetables,
Additional Foods: flax seed oil

Negative Foods
Artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats, battery chicken & hens’ eggs,white sugar (sucrose), excess garlic, sulphates(preservative), tartrazine

All dairy products, except for live yoghurt should also be eliminated from your diet for approximately 3 months.

You should also avoid as many acid forming foods as possible, including pickled products, pork and beef, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, cheese, and all foods with high amounts of additives. Dietary intake of proteins, particularly from red meats should also be reduced.

Also try and avoid citrus fruits, except for lemons!

Additional Comment
Always remember that it is vital to replenish our bodies water supplies! We are 60% water, and therefore need to continually drink fresh water throughout the day!

In order for to gain maximum benefits from your new healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the correct balance in your diet of acid-forming and alkali-forming foods. The recommended balance is approximately 60% alkali to 40% acid.

Whatever action you take, start your new life with Skip’s Ultimate Cleansing 10 day Detox!


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