What is it?

Coronary degeneration can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle that involves a poor diet, inadequate exercise and excess stress.

How do you treat it?

Coronary health can be supported with biochemical and nutritional factors that can stop the degeneration of the cardiac muscles and help reverse it, leading to an overall positive effect on the whole circulatory system.

Increasing your oxygen intake with more exercise may be key. Check out all the exercise resources on the site (including free stuff) plus the formula of SSMDS supplements below, specifically designed to assist with the relief of this condition as part of Skip’s 10 Commandments 4 Health.

Before you start

The gut’s ability to absorb nutrients from the Superfood Matrix Delivery System is significantly improved by first cleansing it of harmful toxins, and replenishing the intestinal tract with healthy flora.

This is especially important in the hustle and bustle of modern life where we are increasingly exposed to harmful toxins from so many sources. We strongly recommend you have a full cleanse before starting any diet or nutritional program and make sure you have two cleanses a year.

Our Detox Formula consists of 4 products that will completely cleanse your body of harmful toxins and top up your healthy flora, noticeably enhancing your health and well-being. Or if you’re super committed to really kick starting your journey to a world of greater health and wish to give yourself the full works then The Ultimate Cleansing 10 Day Detox is the program for you.


Recommended Products

Zinc & Copper Zinc is essential for the normal function of the immune system and is found concentrated in the heart.
Copper assists normal heart function and helps reduce some forms of heart disease. It assists the immune system and is essential for normal neurological function, protecting cells from damage caused by excess harmful free radicals.

Magic Magnesium Magnesium is necessary for normal nerve and muscle function. In adequate quantities it helps protect normal heart function and helps prevent many types of cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin B Combo Several components of this complex are required for normal heart muscle function. This formulation contains para-B Vitamins that help reduce harmful substances, including homocysteine, in excess, is associated with cardiovascular disease. High homocysteine levels are common in people with coronary heart disease.

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids  Inhibits the creation of Apoprotein, a protein which is active in cardiovascular diseases. This formulation helps to strengthen arteries, blood vessels and capillaries. Bioflavonoids act to strengthen capillaries and also improves the function of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that  protects cells from damage caused by excess free radicals. They also play a role in the normal function and structure of blood vessels.

Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Complex with Co-enzyme Q10 Antioxidants help protect the heart. It improves the ability of the heart to utilise oxygen and reduce oxidative stress, improving many aspects of heart function and aiding several types of heart problem. This formula will boost your body’s immune system and help reduce production of harmful free radicals. Also containing Selenium, which protects the heart, reducing the incidence of various types of heart disease.

Feel Great Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Complex is an SSMDS formulation of nutrients not normally available within an average diet. Proven superior to 98% of other brands.

No Stress Karoshil nutrients help regulate normal heart function, particularly where there is a significant amount of stress. Karoshil is a combination of specific herbs, nutrients and phosphorylated glucose which are important to the nervous system.

Essential Fatty Acids are essential for the normal function of the immune system. They help produce the electrical flow necessary for regular heart-beat and lower the production of some harmful substances.Essential polyunsaturated Fatty acids play a structural role in cell membranes.


Dietary Recommendations 

Positive Foods

Cereal grains: oats, whole brown rice,
Dairy: 3-4 portions a week of organic live yoghurt
Fruits: berries, apples, pears, freshly squeezed & diluted lemon juice, ripe pineapple (including stem), figs, dates, olives, apricots, plums
Fungi: Reishi & Shitake mushrooms
Legumes: most types of beans, including dahl’s and pulses
Nuts & Seeds: most nuts are beneficial for the heart if taken in moderation (except for Brazil nuts). Sunflower & sesame seeds beneficial
Teas, Herbs & Spices: ginger, gingko biloba, ginseng, green tea, sage tea
Vegetables: cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, garlic, onions, spring onion (including green tops), broccoli, spinach, lettuce
Additional Foods: a glass of high quality organic red wine once a day maximum

Negative Foods

Coffee, chocolate, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats, battery chicken & hens’ eggs,white sugar (sucrose), excess garlic, artificial sweeteners, sulphates(preservative), tartrazine, cheese, salami, pickled foods, most nuts, foods with additives

Consumption of proteins should also be reduced, notably from red meat; avoid dairy products (especially cheese)

Try to avoid citrus fruits (except lemons), particularly oranges

Additional Comment

In order for to gain maximum benefits from your new healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the correct balance in your diet of acid-forming and alkali-forming foods. The recommended balance is approximately 60% alkali to 40% acid.

Remember that your body is made up of approximately 60% water, so it is vital to replenish this by drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day.

Additionally, try and get some sunlight! It is known to strengthen the heart!

Additional Help & Support

Make sure you exercise! This is vital in healthy living! Brisk walks, swimming and cycling are all excellent forms of exercise to help you get fit!

Try and make sure you exercise at least three times a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes!

Whatever action you take, start your new life with Skip’s Ultimate Cleansing 10 day Detox!


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