What is it?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has become an increasingly common condition that is often associated with depression.
It’s a bit difficult to define clinically but sustained CFS is emotionally draining and can leave you consistently anxious and on edge.

How do you treat it?

Many health practitioners believe that poor air quality can be a definitive contributing factor, both in polluted cities and in offices with air conditioning. It is becoming clear that air deprived of its normal surplus of negative ions drains us of energy.

Furthermore, many modern domestic conveniences might have been designed deliberately to de-ionise air. These include man-made fibres, air fresheners, fan heaters, strip lighting and video screens. Installing ionisers in offices, domestic premises and cars can relieve the symptoms of CFS.
Increasing your oxygen intake with more exercise may be key. Check out all the exercise resources on the site (including free stuff) plus the formula of SSMDS supplements below, specifically designed to assist with the relief of this condition as part of Skip’s 10 Commandments 4 Health

Before you start 

The gut’s ability to absorb nutrients from the Superfood Matrix Delivery System is significantly improved by first cleansing it of harmful toxins, and replenishing the intestinal tract with healthy flora.

This is especially important in the hustle and bustle of modern life where we are increasingly exposed to harmful toxins from so many sources. We strongly recommend you have a full cleanse before starting any diet or nutritional program and make sure you have two cleanses a year.

Our Detox Formula consists of 4 products that will completely cleanse your body of harmful toxins and top up your healthy flora, noticeably enhancing your health and well-being. Or if you’re super committed to really kick starting your journey to a world of greater health and wish to give yourself the full works then The Ultimate Cleansing 10 Day Detox is the program for you.


Recommended Products

Essential Fatty Acid Complex contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acids to increase energy. Necessary for the health of cell membrane and the normal function of the immune system, it reduces the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Magic Magnesium is necessary for normal nerve and muscle function and is known to help reduce fatigue by enhancing production of a special substance known as ATP, to improve the production of energy.

Vitamin B Combo a complex of B vitamins which will improve your energy levels and provide nutrients to help reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue.
Thiamin (vitamin B1) is water soluble; any excess is excreted and not stored in the body so needs to be replaced daily. Your need for thiamin will increase during illness and stress.

Feel Great Multi-Vitamin & Mineral The SSMDS nutrients in this specific formulation of vitamins, minerals and other factors will rebuild vitality and enhance your immune system when your body is under stress.

Formula GP contains glucose, yeast extract complexes, and phosphates in an amino-acid base. These nutrients help promote stamina, endurance and mental alertness. They balance blood sugar levels which can improve physical energy .

Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant with Co-enzyme Q10 Antioxidants improve the supply of oxygen to the cells, increasing cellular energy and reducing fatigue due to oxidative stress. Co-enzyme Q10 improves reduced aerobic function associated with Chronic Fatigue.

Zinc & Copper Zinc and copper are essential for normal neurological function and play a pivotal role in the immune system. This is an antioxidant mineral formula that contributes to normal brain function. Zinc is heavily involved in the development of muscles and helps increase energy, reducing lethargy, irritability and depression. Copper is specifically associated with enzyme activity that increases energy levels and helps protect cells from the damage caused by excess harmful free radicals.

Dietary Recommendations

Positive Foods

Cereal grains, dairy, fish, fruits, fungi, legumes, nuts & seeds, teas, herbs & spices, vegetables

Negative Foods

Artificial sweeteners, Battery Chicken & Hens’ Eggs, Excess Garlic, Hydrogenated fats, Refined carbohydrates, Sulphates (preservative) Tartrazine, White Sugar (sucrose)

Additional Help & Support

Drinking enough clean water is known to help reduce the symptoms of fatigue.
Sunlight has a beneficial effect on the whole person, and is also known to alleviate the experience of fatigue that can occur with extended periods of exposure to artificial lighting.

Additional Comment

In order for to gain maximum benefits from your new healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the correct balance in your diet of acid-forming and alkali-forming foods. The recommended balance is approximately 60% alkali to 40% acid.

Fatigue may be caused by an iron deficiency.

Try to consume most of your carbohydrates through the day and avoid them in the evening.

Whatever action you take, start your new life with Skip’s Ultimate Cleansing 10 day Detox!


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