What is it?

Catarrh is a mucus discharge from the respiratory mucus membrane that is often a very troublesome chronic symptom for some people.

Sometimes it is merely an acute irritable response to an infection but if it continues long-term it can be difficult to identify the cause and stop the discharge.

How do you treat it?

Treating chronic Catarrh usually involves strengthening the immune system and avoiding potential allergic triggers that might cause excess mucus production. If the membranes in the nose or the sinuses are affected it can cause the excess production of thick phlegm.

Increasing your oxygen intake with more exercise may be key. Check out all the exercise resources on the site (including free stuff) plus the formula of SSMDS supplements below, specifically designed to assist with the relief of this condition as part of Skip’s 10 Commandments 4 Health


Before you start 

The gut’s ability to absorb nutrients from the Superfood Matrix Delivery System is significantly improved by first cleansing it of harmful toxins, and replenishing the intestinal tract with healthy flora.

This is especially important in the hustle and bustle of modern life where we are increasingly exposed to harmful toxins from so many sources. We strongly recommend you have a full cleanse before starting any diet or nutritional program and make sure you have two cleanses a year.

Our Detox Formula consists of 4 products that will completely cleanse your body of harmful toxins and top up your healthy flora, noticeably enhancing your health and wellbeing. Or if you’re super committed to really kick starting your journey to a world of greater health and wish to give yourself the full works then The Ultimate Cleansing 10 Day Detox is the program for you.


Recommended Products

Garlic Capsules Garlic has antioxidant properties and is known to improve your blood circulation and to dissolve accumulated mucus from the body. It helps maintain a healthy heart, circulation and immune system, detoxifies the liver and can reduce the aging process.

Vitamin C helps to alleviate the symptoms of catarrh by improving the function of the mucus membranes and reducing the possibility of infection. This SSMDS formula contains antioxidants necessary to protecti cells from the damage caused by excess free radicals.

Magic Magnesium is required by each cell of the body for energy production and healing and for normal nerve and muscle function. This SSMDS mineral helps to reduce the symptoms of catarrh.

Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant with Co-enzyme Q10 contains nutrients known to help alleviate symptoms of catarrh and other ailments of the respiratory system. Antioxidants help protect against cell damage caused by harmful free radicals.

Feel Great Multi-Vitamin & Mineral This SSMDS formulation provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which support the body when under stress.


Dietary Recommendations

Positive Foods

 Apricot, Cherry, Cumin Seeds, Freshly squeezed & diluted lemon juice, Grape, Pear, Ripe Banana
Nuts & Seeds: flax seeds, fenugreek seeds, sunflower seeds
Teas, Herbs & Spices: horseradish, green tea, milk thistle, rosemary, turmeric, sage
Vegetables: Artichoke, Beetroot, Brussels sprouts, Garlic, Onions, Radish
Additional Foods: Honey, Propolis

Negative Foods

Alcohol, Artificial sweeteners, Battery chicken & hens’ eggs, Citrus fruits(except Lemons), Coffee, Hydrogenated fats, Oranges, Refined carbohydrates, White sugar (sucrose)

Additional Comment

In order for to gain maximum benefits from your new healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the correct balance in your diet of acid-forming and alkali-forming foods. The recommended balance is approximately 60% alkali to 40% acid.

Additional Help & Support

It is sensible to consult a medical practitioner, homeopath, acupuncturist, or nutritional therapist or herbalist.

Whatever action you take, start your new life with Skip’s Ultimate Cleansing 10 day Detox!


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