What is it?

Asthma is an ailment of the immune system that causes the air passages of the lungs to contract, causing you to feel like you’re suffocating. It’s usually the result of an allergic reaction.

How do you treat it?

It’s usually caused by pollutants and allergies but it can also be contracted through foods or chemical substances.

In the case of pollutants and allergies, a change of environment is the simplest solution to treating asthma. Alternatively a change of diet or additional nutrients can enhance the immune systems response to fighting it.

Increasing your oxygen intake with more exercise may be key. Check out all the exercise resources on the site (including free stuff) plus the formula of SSMDS supplements below, specifically designed to assist with the relief of this condition as part of Skip’s 10 Commandments 4 Health.


Before you start

The gut’s ability to absorb nutrients from the Superfood Matrix Delivery System is significantly improved by first cleansing it of harmful toxins, and replenishing the intestinal tract with healthy flora.

This is especially important in the hustle and bustle of modern life where we are increasingly exposed to harmful toxins from so many sources. We strongly recommend you have a full cleanse before starting any diet or nutritional program and make sure you have two cleanses a year.

Our Detox Formula consists of 4 products that will completely cleanse your body of harmful toxins and top up your healthy flora, noticeably enhancing your health and wellbeing. Or if you’re super committed to really kick starting your journey to a world of greater health and wish to give yourself the full works then The Ultimate Cleansing 10 Day Detox is the program for you.


Recommended Products

Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant with Co-enzyme Q10
Oxidative stress is often identified in asthma sufferers.  This SSMDS antioxidant formula can boost the immune system and help reduce the oxidative processe. Co-enzyme Q10 helps increase the supply of oxygen to promote anti-oxidative defence.

Magic Magnesium is necessary for normal nerve and muscle function and can aid the function of the lungs, reducing bronchial constriction. Magnesium deficiency is frequently associated with asthma.

Vitamin D enhances functions of the immune system and helps to reduce inflammation. It is beneficial for asthma sufferers who are resistant  to steroids.

Feel Great Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Complex This SSMDS formulation contains nutrients that we don’t always get enough of to enhance the immune system and form a sound base to improve good health.

Vitamin B Combo helps alleviate the symptoms of Asthma and sooth the nervous system and its immune response, reducing the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids possesses antioxidant properties to reduce asthmatic bronchial constriction and aid anti-oxidative defence. Bioflavonoids have anti-allergic properties.

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Dietary recommendations

Positive Foods 

Cereal grains oats

Fruits Apricots & Apricot Juice, Freshly squeeze & Dliuted lemon juice, High Fresh Ripe Fruit (exc. Oranges & Graferuit), Pineapple.

Fungi Shitake Mushrooms

Legumes Dahl

Nuts & Seeds Rye Sprouts,Teas, Herbs & Spices Basil, Chilli, Elderberry Cordial (Unsweetened), Fenugreek seed tea, Green tea, Horse-radish, Liquorice, Thyme Tea, Vegetables Fennel, Garlic (in moderation), Onions, Radish

Negative Foods  

Artificial sweeteners, Battery chicken & hen’s eggs, Excess garlic, Hydrogenated fats, Refined carbohydrates, Sulphates (preservative), Tartrazine, White sugar (sucrose)

Additional Comment

In order for to gain maximum benefits from your new healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the correct balance in your diet of acid-forming and alkali-forming foods. The recommended balance is approximately 60% alkali to 40% acid. 

Additional Help & Support

It is sensible to consult a medical practitioner, homeopath, acupuncturist, or nutritional therapist or herbalist.

Whatever action you take, start your new life with Skip’s Ultimate Cleansing 10 day Detox!


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