Remember my story about the 90 year-old hip hop crew? Well now I want to share with you a video featuring another unexpected health and fitness demographic.

Here’s the fitness instructor who not only teaches aerobics to groups who some might describe as overweight, but she herself is a touch on the large side. But this lady is large in all areas – personality, heart, love of life…

Fitness instructor Lauretta Johnnie used to weigh almost 27 stone before she became a fitness instructor – but since then she has come down closer to 21 stone. She says “It’s as if you become less human if you’re big”. I know all about that – I went through a period when I got depressed, lived on junk food and became clinically obese. I didn’t have a Lauretta around to get me back into physical exercise, but I did have a passion that eventually re-surfaced to take me back to gymnastics and probably saved my life.

It’s not too dramatic to say that Lauretta may be helping to save her clients lives. But you should know that while exercise is a great place to start, it’s not going to get you all the way to a supercharged life on it’s own.

If you want to check out Lauretta, go to

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