Between the ages of 45 and 65, a woman is possibly looking towards her retirement, although in today’s world there is every possibility that there may yet be further changes in store. Any poor lifestyle choices made earler in life may now be coming home to roost in the guise of ill health, loss of mobility, etc.

Naked Health is now about ensuring that you maintain good habits or make making the decision to break the bad ones, thereby keeping sickness and disease away. We are creatures of habit, but no time of life is too late to make essential changes. You still have special nutritional needs, and there is good reason to check the choices you have made earlier in life.

The female body needs extra, specific nutritional support during the menopause. This occurs on average at age 51 in western cultures. Several other important health issues also need consideration, including bone health, digestive processes, the immune system’s ability to respond to detrimental bacteria, etc. It is a period of change that affects both mental and physical resources. Hot flushes are a frequent discomfort during the menopause, affecting up to 75% of women. There is also often a reduction in the elasticity of arteries and other blood vessels, and susceptibility to varicose veins.

It’s essential to ensure that you get enough potassium in your diet from vegetables, fruits and salads. Potassium helps to balance sodium levels, and reduce it’s potential to damage heart function, bone health, mood and emotions, and water retention. Maintaining good bone density is prudent at this age, and women unfortunately become more susceptible to bone loss than men, so there is a need to support bone tissue as much as possible by making sure you get adequate calcium in your diet, supplemented where necessary. Exercise and not smoking also aid this process.

At this time we start to lose the full range of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. These beneficial bacteria are very important to the immune system, and comprise almost 90% of the digestive tract’s flora. They are responsible for optimal processing and absorption of healthy food nutrients. They are also responsible for the production of several important vitamins among the vitamin B group of nutrients, as well as vitamin K, a valuable antioxidant that helps protect the liver and boost the immune system. Stress, antibiotics, sugars, bad fats and animal proteins cause an excess of detrimental bacteria tcausing higher levels of harmful free radicals.

In order for to gain maximum benefits from your new healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the correct balance in your diet of acid-forming and alkali-forming foods. The recommended balance is approximately 60% alkali to 40% acid.

At least some of these foods should be uncooked , preferably with 20% raw. One of the key reasons is the supply of enzymes, special proteins used to process, digest and absorb nutrients. These enzymes are normally manufactured within the liver, so we need to pay special attention to healthy liver function. Also, several minerals and beneficial fats are key to this process. Different groups of enzymes are required for proper biological function for men in this age range, so an appropriate diet to produce them is necessary.

There’s a lot written about the bad effects of fast foods on health generally. There are a small, but growing number of healthy-option fast food outlets offering vegetable and sugar free fruit shakes, salads, wholemeal wraps, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc. so all fast food is not necessarily bad. The problem is in the marketing budgets behind the ones that do sell damaging products.

Of course, the power of advertising and it’s ability to damage our health spreads way beyond fast foods. And adults are just as vulnerable to it’s power as anyone else. There is a serious problem when breakfast cereals full of harmful ingredients are promoted as “part of a healthy diet and lifestyle”. Even products promoted as “Healthy Option” are often far from good for you, with high calorie dressings used on salads, etc. It’s the sugars and fats in many of these fast foods that make them so attractive to anybody leading a busy lifestyle.

Although it may appear to be difficult, the best answer is to totally avoid processed foods and prepare all your food from fresh, live sources. More and more people are choosing this apparently radical alternative for themselves and those around them.

The triple health threats of alcohol, drugs and smoking continue to be ever-present in our society. We are not here to moralise, but to identify activities and behaviours that are hazardous to health, and is clear that these three pollutants have the capability of seriously damaging all parts of the human body. Legal medications can have as much of an adverse effect as these two, and the longer we go without guaranteeing our Naked Health, the more likely we are to have cocktails of drugs prescribed by doctors – each one designed to counteract the harmful effects of the one before. And each one multiplying the volume of harmful chemicals being introduced into our bodies with goodness knows what adverse effects.

Equally, choices about exercise, personal relationships, direction etc., – all of which are critical to good health – can pull anyone’s body, mind and spirit well out of shape. Any exercise is great all-round for your health. Whether you’re still playing a sport, training, dancing, or riding a bike, it gets oxygen pumping into your blood, tissue and organs. You feel more alive, you feel more sociable, and you sleep better. All of this is not only good for your body, it also helps keep your brain fit and healthy.

Brain power and memory can become an increasing area for concern as our long-term memory seems to outscore our ability to remember what we just went upstairs for! Our brains, as much as our bodies, need balanced nutrition, rest and exercise (or stimulation).
Personal appearance and grooming (grey hair, wrinkles, hard-to-move fat, etc.), can be very important to many men, so be careful about your choice of skin, hair and other bodycare products. Not to mention the lure of cosmetic or other surgery. (Gastric bands and liposuction are no match for positive lifestyle and dietary choices when it comes to looking good AND being healthy).

Most commercial hair shampoos and other haircare products contain chemicals that are not only associated with poor hair growth, but that can also cause skin allergies and have a detrimental effect on the eyes. Ninety per cent of commercial shampoos contain undesirable chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate and propylene glycol, both of which are associated with skin allergies and dermatitis. Many toothpastes and mouthwashes also contain chemicals that can cause poor skin and allergies.

• Try to obtain cosmetics that are not full of chemicals. There is a saying: “If you can’t eat the ingredient safely, then it may be best not to put it on your skin.”
• Avoid shampoos and soaps containing Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.
• Antiperspirants are usually applied to help reduce body odour. However, these preparations contain aluminium, which actually gets absorbed into the body. This metal is known to produce many undesirable toxic side effects.
• The enzyme Bromelain, of benefit to women in the 45-65 age group, is found in pineapple, but only when this fruit is ripe. For one month in four throughout the year, the fruit should be eaten including the stalk, as this contains the majority of the bromelain.
Additional Help & Support 
Regular eye tests and dental check ups are advisable. As skin elasticity and general condition tend to decline with age, it is sensible to consider dietary intake more closely. Several of the vitamin B complex group decline as the years progress, as we manufacture less and less within our digestive system. Vitamin D is also known to be in decline for many women.

This is as good a time as any to start understanding and practicing all of the 10 Commandments 4 Health. Skip is constantly touring the world, spreading the message to people of all ages who want to supercharge their lives with Naked Health, so sign up to his free newsletter and get your great free bonus gifts.

The Benefit of Detox and Cleanse

There are centres of health excellence around the world where it is common to see even the most advanced stages of serious disease including cancers, heart disease and diabetes completely reversed. The common factor in the treatments of all of these centres is that they all start with a total cleanse of the gut and the digestive sytem. Whether you think you are ill or not, you will undoubtedly benefit from undertaking a cleansing detox.

We recommend Skip’s Ultimate 10 day Cleansing Detox, which will cleanse your body and aide your gut’s ability to absorb the nutrients within the nutritional supplements. It will also help replenish the intestinal tract with healthy flora and help your immune system to start recovering, enhancing your overall health and wellbeing. This is particularly important in today’s environment that increasingly exposes us to harmful toxins from so many sources. Once you have completed your 10 day intensive home course, you will also have learnt much more about your own Naked Health and have some of the tools to help you maintain it. You will feel so supercharged, you will want to repeat it at least twice a year for the rest of your life.


Recommended Products

GTF Chromium with Anti-Oxidants is an optional Superfood Matrix DS formula to help keep blood sugar within a healthy balance. The GTF form of Chromium has been found helpful in lowering cholesterol levels.

Bone and Joint Support is a formula that contains mineralsspecifically targeted to provide nutrients known to enhance the growthof bones and to help reduce bone mineral loss. These nutrients have beenfound to exert a beneficial effect on bone density.

Zinc & Copper Zinc is necessary to produce collagen within the dermis layer of the skin. This antioxidant mineral is known to help reduce the incidence of greying and thinning hair. White specks on the nails or nails that split easily can be as a result of zinc deficiency.

Copper is an important mineral that is also associated with premature greying of hair. Copper is involved with proper bone formation and has been found to help alleviate rheumatoid arthritis. Collagen benefits from adequate copper levels and this mineral can stimulate the formation of elastin. A reduction in healthy elastin, which occurs as we enter the mature years of life, is one of the principal causes of wrinkles.

Essential Fatty Acid Complex contains beneficial unsaturated fatty acids regarded as essential to good health. Specific essential fatty acids are known to help increase the production of energy within the body and may shorten the recovery time for muscles following intensive exercise. Specific fatty acids may improve both the health of the skin and its visual appearance. Essential fatty acids can help alleviate some cases of pre-menstrual syndrome.

EFAs increase oxygen at the cellular level, and help increase energy levels.

Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Complex with Co-enzyme Q10 Anti-oxidants can help retard several aspect of the ageing process. Co-enzyme Q10 increases oxygen supply and acts to promote anti-oxidative defence. Together the antioxidants and the Co-enzyme Q10 have also been found subjectively to increase ‘feelings’ of energy.
Anti-oxidants are important to help the body to combat environmental pollutants and reduce the undesirable process of oxidative stress.

Magic Magnesium is an electrolyte and this mineral is directly involved with the status of energy production and healthy muscles and bones. Over 60% of the body’s magnesium is stored in bone. Edema (water retention) may occur as a result of magnesium deficiency. This mineral may help alleviate mastalgia (breast pain) associated with pre-menstrual syndrome. Magnesium has been found helpful by many women to help alleviate the fatigue and Irritability that are sometimes associated with PMS.

Feel Great Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Complex is a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutritional co-factors which help provide important nutrients that can be in short supply. The reduction in micro-nutrients in some foods may result in women finding daily life harder to cope with when experiencing a busy or hectic lifestyle. This formula contains nutrients and additional co-factors that can help re-balance a deficiency.


Dietary Recommendations

Positive Foods 

Cereal grains: whole brown rice, barley, rye, buckwheat, oats, oatmeal
Vegetables: sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, miso, soya bean tofu, beetroot, celery, parsnip, carrot, cucumber, turnip
Fruits: freshly squeezed & diluted lemon juice, apples, dried figs, apricots, ripe bananas, avocado, blueberries, raisins, dates, olives
Legumes: dried peas, soybeans, haricot beans, chick peas, butter beans, lentils, black beans, green peas
Teas, Herbs & Spices: sarsaparilla, ginger, parsley, basil, green tea, turmeric, camomile, peppermint
Nuts & Seeds: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachio and pine nuts
Fungi: Reishi mushrooms
Fish: oily fish (except mackerel), tuna, haddock, anchovy, and prawns
Dairy: three to four modest portions of organic live yoghurt per week

Negative Foods

Cereal grains: refined cereals, refined flour products
Vegetables: excess garlic
Fruits: orange, orange juice, grapefruit & grapefruit juice
Legumes: soya milk
Nuts & Seeds: Brazil nuts and high intake of peanuts
Poultry: battery chicken, hens’ eggs
Meats: pork & pork products, reduce intake of proteins from red meat, salami
Dairy: cow’s milk, reducing dairy to a minimum, reduce non-organic cheese
Fats: hydrogenated fats, refined cooking oils, fennel oil, trans-fatty acids, low fat foods
Food Additives: tartrazine, artificial sweeteners, sulphates (preservative)
Beverages: avoid excess caffeine & alcohol; avoid artificially sweetened drinks.

Additional Comment

We all know that smoking is detrimental to our health, and in order to really empower ourselves, and lead a healthy life, smoking should be avoided. As well as cutting out smoking, it is also important to understand weight management.

As well as physical aspects of health, it is also important to consider our feelings and emotions, and also self esteem. Often low self esteem can lead to bad eating habits, and also a negative lifestyles. In order to avoid this, we must focus on the positive aspects of our
lives. By doing do, you will definitely improve your well-being.

In order for to gain maximum benefits from your new healthy lifestyle, it is important to maintain the correct balance in your diet of acid-forming and alkali-forming foods. The recommended balance is approximately 60% alkali to 40% acid. Click here to see our Acid Forming and Alkali Forming table!

Additionally, as well as managing the acid and alkali food intake we have, we should also remember that raw foods including salads, and also fruits should make up approximately 20% of our diet, in order to optimise our health.

Benefits also exist in eating foods in a specific order. For instance, being with fresh ‘live’ food, such as a small salad. Then consume cooked vegetables, and a small amount of protein. If any starch is consumed this should come last. The order of eating corresponds with the amount of time it takes to digest the food, with the salad digesting quickest, and the starch the slowest.

Furthermore, always remember that it is vital to replenish our bodies water supplies! We are 60% water, and therefore need to continually drink fresh water throughout the day!

It is also vital to avoid drinks with high amounts of sugar and caffeine, and also avoid alcohol. We should also remember to exercise as much as we can, even if it is just brisk walking, 3 times a week!

With cosmetics becoming more and more prominent in daily life, it is important to know what ingredients we are putting on our skin. Try to avoid any chemicals, where possible, and also stick to the saying “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!”

Whatever action you take, start your new life with Skip’s Ultimate Cleansing 10 day Detox!


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