The government’s advice of 5 items of fruit and vegetable a day is quite literally the bare minimum you should be aiming for. In an age of increasing obesity and reducing health, it is astounding that the government offer such loose and unhelpful advice.

A silent majority of people will accept at face value that this is the required amount to live a healthy and balanced life… BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE. In order for us to live a healthy and balanced life, we seriously need to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat, especially when you bear in mind just how deficient the soil is, that we grow our food in!

It is a pretty well known fact that the largest killer in the world today is heart disease, and research has found that eating EIGHT items of fruit and vegetable in a day is a more appropriate amount to be aiming for, as this can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 22%!

Now although 8 portions would be an improvement on what we are currently recommended, we must remember that these are 8 ‘Hobbit’ sized portions, weighing just 80g each. I would still suggest that this is not enough, and would encourage everyone to have a far larger daily intake of fruit and vegetables!

I can guarantee that if you increase the amount of fruit and vegetables you have in your diet, you will feel healthier, more able to fight disease, fitter, stronger, and less fatigued! Who in their right mind would not want to feel like that!?

However it’s important also that we eat the RIGHT fruit and vegetables! If we are aiming for 8 a day, the following does not count! 1) Tomato’s from a pizza 2) Cherry flavoured Haribo 3) Potato’s from that bag of crisps at lunch 4) The 3rd glass of OJ etc etc!

That kind of diet is tricking nobody! With the exception of the US government, who somehow ludicrously accept that pizza and chips count as vegetables. Interesting move, right?

So the big question is, How can we easily increase the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat in our diet?

Answer… Easy!

I would recommend having a raw shake every morning, filled to the brim with raw green vegetables and some fruit to give it a sweet taste! There is absolutely no better way to ensure an improvement in our diets!

The benefits of having a shake like this are endless, but 3 key advantages stand out.

  1. It is an easy way of combining a wealth of different fruit and vegetables all at once.
  2. Raw food is best! When we heat our food up, we lose all the goodness that nature has given it, in its raw form! So avoid heating up, and we get a much richer and more nutritious food!
  3. Our body can digest and absorb nutrients, so much easier in liquid form! By consuming the fruit and veg in a liquid form, we reap the benefits from the nutrients SO MUCH QUICKER! Our super intelligent bodies no exactly where to send all the nutrients, around our blood stream, and can do this much easier, when our food is in liquid form! It is all about the Superfood Matrix Delivery System!

Finally, as our soil is now so deficient, it is important to supplement our diets to give our bodies ALL of the nutrients and minerals it needs! Whilst raw shakes and more fruit and veg can be a HUGE help, they quite simply don’t contain all the nutrients we need, as our soil lacks them itself!

Therefore, if we want to be super healthy, and super fit, it is important to enhance our diets with some natural supplements. I daily take the Bare Essentials, to increase my vitality, and strongly reap the benefits from doing so. I can confidently say that I am providing my body with all the ammo it needs, to tackle a vibrant lifestyle!

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